20 Min Full Body HIIT *new* + Meditation

20 Min Full Body HIIT *new* + Meditation

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20 Min Full Body HIIT *new* + Meditation
  • 43 Min Full Body Sculpt

    Sculpt your entire body with this series focussed on strength, conditioning + toning! Warm-up and cool-down included. Recommended for all fitness levels.

    Recommended equipment: Light/Medium Dumbbell(s) or weighted object

    Suggested Spotify Playlist Curated by Kelsey: https://open.spotify.com/us...

  • Say Yes to Yourself Meditation

    Slow down and take a few minutes for yourself to feel more peace and calm on those busy and hectic days so you can get it all done with more grace and flow

  • 20 Min Full Body HIIT

    Fire up the full body with this quick but spicy HIIT series! Recommended for all fitness levels, modifications included. No warmup or cool down as it is a quickie series.

    Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells or weighted objects

    Suggested Spotify Playlists Curated by Kelsey: https://open.spotify.com...