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  • Healthy Snack Guide

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    The Healthy Snack Guide contains 10 Holistic Nutritionist approved delicious recipes to keep you energized and satiated all day long. It also includes educational pages explaining the why, what and how of snacking, including crafting the right food pairings to regulate blood sugar, balance hormon...

  • 14 Day Reset Program

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    The 14-Day Reset Program is an introduction to the benefits of a balanced, whole food lifestyle and is designed to show you that health doesn’t need to be complicated. By focusing on food quality, macro-nutrient balanced meals and nutrient-dense whole foods, this program will help you reset your ...

  • 7 Day Sugar Detox

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    The 7-Day Sugar Detox is designed to help you kick your sugar cravings for good. By focusing on balanced, satiating, whole-foods recipes, this program will help you re-train your taste buds and get back on track to feeling like the best version of yourself. The Detox may not be easy, but the resu...