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  • 35 Min Toned Legs + Butt (Weight Optional)

    Build + tone your lower body with this legs + booty focussed series, weight is optional! Recommended for all fitness levels, warm-up and cool-down included.

    Recommended Equipment: Booty band, Dumbbells or Weighted Objects

    Suggested Spotify Playlist Curated by Kelsey: https://open.spotify.com/us...

  • 17 Min Full Body Mobility

    Increase your range of movement and alleviate pain + tension with this full body mobility series. Recommended prior to workout or as your daily movement.

    Suggested Spotify Playlist Curated by Kelsey: https://open.spotify.com/user/e4mfh5b1lso2w8au031vgwy3z?si=AvMexx5RTrWKy11P40NSEQ