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Sweat for Kids

Sweat for Kids

Looking for kid-friendly workouts to get your children up and moving!? Sweat for Kids is a series of sweat sessions for children + teens that can be done anytime, anywhere. We focus on not only the foundations but the importance of movements for children at any age. It's crucial that children are being introduced to living a healthy active lifestyle at a young age, and Sweat for Kids is the first step in working towards the focus on their mental and physical health! Recommended for ages 8-18+

Sweat for Kids
  • 15 Min Classroom Cardio

    The perfect standing full body cardio sweat for smaller spaces, ideal for classrooms or at home! Recommended for ages 9-18, no equipment needed.

  • 15 Min Kids Yoga

    15 min beginner yoga series for kids to promote flexibility and get the body moving! Recommended for children and teens ages 8-18+

  • 20 Min Full Body Kids Sweat

    Full body cardio series created specifically for kids + teens to do at home or in the classroom! Recommended for ages 8-18+ and no equipment needed.

  • 18 Min Heart Rate UP Kids Sweat!

    It's time to get your heart rate UP with this body weight workout for kids and teens! Recommended for ages 8-18+ and no equipment is needed

  • 10 Min Beginner Workout

    Quick and effective full body HIIT circuit perfect for anyone new to the platform and beginners! This series is body weight but weight can be added to make it more challenging. Pre workout mobility series is recommended.